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 For over 40 years, the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, SRCA, has looked out for the interests of our community.  Over the years, SRCA has provided a core of volunteers who have shaped our community through contributions to community causes such as schools, clubs, athletics and community events and by lobbying the city, county and state governments for needed necessities such as parks and road improvements.  When over 340 Scripps Ranch residences were devastated by the Cedar wildfire in 2003, SCRA was there to organize relief for the stricken homeowners.  More recently, when the city government decided to shut down the Scripps Ranch Community Center, SRCA negotiated with the city to take over operation of the Center, assuming responsibilities for its expenses in order to preserve the Center for use by our community organizations.  The Scripps Ranch Community Center is the only San Diego community center to have survived the city budget cuts.   

Not a day goes by that you cannot find a newspaper or magazine article decrying the sad state of our city and state finances and reporting that this or that program will need to be cut.  Our elected representatives are especially fond of cutting library hours, community centers, and recreational facilities.  While many communities have resigned themselves to accepting these "necessary" cut backs in city cervices, SRCA has been out there actively lobbying on behalf of the Scripps Ranch Community.  It saved the Scripps Ranch Community Center and it is actively lobbying the city to minimize the impact of the budget cuts on our library and recreational facilities.  It is also working with the city to maintain and improve our road surfaces and to keep traffic moving in the light of new developments in both Scripps Ranch and across the I-15 freeway in Mira Mesa.

 Why Join SRCA?  Because, now, more than ever, we need you to stand up and be counted. While your membership fee will be used to maintain, support and improve our community, your membership, itself, is crucial to the success of our lobbying mission. In numbers there is strength!


Please join SRCA and help keep Scripps Ranch the strong and viable community we have all come to love.  Scripps Ranch Needs you.  Click here to join the SRCA today!


                                                       Claude Braunstein- Chairman, Membership Committee
Posted on May 01, 2012 19:27:51 by Claude Braunstein & Associates

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