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The Scoop:

(1) Entry level property prices are increasing.

(2) Mid level and luxury properties are attractively priced.

(3) Interest rates have hit bottom and are likely to rise again

(4) The $250,000. ($500,000. if you are married) Capital Gains Tax Exemption when you sell your home is still in effect.

(5) Most homeowners who have lived in their homes for five of the past eight years are eligible for a $6,500. tax credit when they purchase a new residence. First time buyers and buyers who have not lived in their own homes for three years get an $8,000. tax credit. Buyers must be under a binding contract by April 30, 2010. Other restrictions apply.


What it means:   Now is the time to buy or trade up.

(1) Now, homeowners get to sell their homes at a premium price

(2) Now, is a good time to cash in on that Capital Gains Tax Exemption.

(3) Now, buyers can negotiate a terrific price on a first or replacement home.

(4) Now, buyers can lock in a 30 year mortgage at a low interest rate. (5) Now, buyers get up to $8,000. in tax credits for 2009 or 2010.


Call us to find out how you can qualify to take advantage of this opportunity!
Posted on January 07, 2010 19:50:55 by Claude Braunstein & Associates

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